Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Review

When need purchase to a power tool, why so late for purchasing a drill? If you choose the best cordless drill, assure that you can do the best work. Do you know, which product is the best for using?

If no, then carefully you should read this Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver review.

Which types of information you will get? This is included all types of necessary information so that the beginner user can buy a nice product of Bosch model without any hesitation. Of course, you have to know about Bosch model. This is more popular for many days even its excellent product is just amazing. This is the well-designed construction which is the best for doing work.

Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Review

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How is durable it? This is strong which is great long-lasting for many days because it has long-lasting EC brushless motor. Is this drill convenient? This is very easy to use with well-convenient.

Is this Bosch drill/driver set great for and have any problem with regular using? Of course, not!

This Bosch 12-Volt is awesome because this tool is nice for a regular user. Its high-speed setting does a great job which is helpful to hole for wood or drywall. This is a lightweight tool that is also excellent for holding because this is so comfortable.

Whom is the Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Designed for?

But do you know who is using this drill? If no, then know from below.

  • Carpenter also utilize it
  • Mechanical electrical plumber
  • That’s nice for cabinet hardware purpose using
  • Amazing choice for contractors or electricians
  • Great for home improvement or automotive projects

Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Review

Handy Drill

The Bosch is one of the most popular brands in the marketplace. Even its user is so much and they love to use with its good-quality. This Bosch drill/driver kit has 2 included 12-volt lithium-ion batteries.

Don’t need to worry regarding for weight because this is well convenient. This is excellent for top-flight performance and better balance during using in corners or other spaces.

Thinking about holding?

Holding capacity is nice that means you will feel comfortable to grip during working. Even that also reduces operator fatigue for helping better working. When you will start to use, you will understand how important for people who love to use.

Moreover, I have researched to understand how convenient it. Personally, I used it for some days and even my brother also used it. Anyway, this Bosch 12-Volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02 with 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries, 12V Charger and Carrying Case has shown good capacity for some days using.

Longevity Battery

Of course, the battery of drill should be long-lasting. But is this drill long-lasting? That will be broken after some days using? Let’s know how and how long it will long-lasting?

Its lithium-ion batteries are so helpful for the user, even that’s suitable for long days using. Nowadays it has improved for the user well-work. This drill kit runs smoothly without anyone annoying, assure that you can’t face after purchasing this.

If you are planning to use daily, then this best cordless drill will be the best.

Not only that its another tools are too awesome and durable for using. It charging capacity is great which becomes quick charging. Besides, it won’t bother when you will work after some time using it because its battery is incredible with excellent charger.

Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Review

Lightweight Tool

Most of the people think about the weight of cordless drill because this is contained a battery. This is fully misconceptions, that can’t happen for this tool.

This is heavier but this is so lightweight tool if you want to do nice work, it will give you full support. Its compact design is just amazing. Besides, this drill is suitable that is ideal power equipment for tasking in confined and tight spaces.

If anybody wants to work for maintenance, this will be the best choice for the user.

Not only that this drill is very easy to hold and even the user can do heavier work for a long time, additionally the user will feel so comfortable. This Bosch drill is great for multiple applications which are too nice to do the extended work.


Spending so much money for purpose of purchasing a drill if that power tool doesn’t safety, that will be good? Nothing! That’s why you must be sure that is safe or not. Now you have arisen a curiosity to know safety about this drill?

Of course, this will give you 100% safety when you will use. Some people claim on the tool that this Bosch 12-Volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit is very dangerous there is on safety.

But that is right?

No, that’s fully wrong because tools caring is also very important for the user. After purchasing, some people don’t care that’s why that is broken or reasons for injury after a few days using. Before purchasing, you should plan on this issue.

It always ready to work nicely even that will greatly support your work.

Powerful and Noise

How powerful machine? if a power tool isn’t powerful, that is good for using? Of course, not!

Its all materials are very powerful for any work purpose. Its excellent power will be impressed when you will start to use it. That’s the most compact as well lightest weight with well-convenient.

When started to research on this Bosch drill driver set, then I have asked a person who starts to use this tool. He said, this Bosch 12-Volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02 is awesome drill according to its size and also comfortable handle.

Besides, Its battery is constructed with a powerful combination. Its design is so helpful that is really helpful products with high-capacity. Not only that this is so durable it will long-lasting for a long day.

Its noise level is enough to quiet, the user doesn’t need to extra worry for this.

Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver Pros & Cons

  • Plenty of torque
  • Lightweight battery
  • That’s very easy to use
  • Strong battery and motor
  • Long-lasting for the long day
  • Little hard to remove a battery
  • A bit big handle but comfortable to use

Some Question & Answer About Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver

Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver FAQ's

Do these batteries have same capacity?

Yes, these two batteries have a nice capacity, also good power.

Is this drill good for using into a brick?

Nothing it hasn’t hammered option and nobody should this.

Can its charge of battery support for drilling at runtime?

This absolutely can help for the full runtime to stay charge because this is a professional tool.

Is its charger well-constructed that means which is good for drill battery charger?

Of course, that is well-constructed and very easily can be charged.

Are Bosch drills good for using work?

Sure, that is good for using work and even that’s also for daily using.

Final Verdict

The Bosch 12-Volt Max PS32-02 Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver review has given already some essential information for doing strong your purchasing decision.

This Bosch drill cordless won’t make a delay of your important work because this is good in quick charging. As well, this is easy to control the speed and has no vibration which is really comfortable for holding during using.

Its brushless motor technology and lithium-ion battery are perfect for this tool regarding for giving awesome power.

Its weight capacity is 2lbs if anybody chooses it, that will be a great choice for them. This 6.5-inch drill is super for excellent balancing. That’s why I will be recommended for using who are interested to buy this product.

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