DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit Review – Best Track Saw Guide

Various types of power tool have found on the marketplace such as track saw, jigsaw, track saw, bandsaw, circular saw and so on. Every tool has their own quality and separately they perform their performance.

Same as track saw is one of them, that is a portable and built-in perfect size. A person who works in wood, this is great for making easier their life. There are many types of a tool which is cut of the wood but those aren’t cut completely. But track saw kit is a brilliant tool which provides amazing service for the user. When the customer needs a track saw, they look for everywhere on the market.

For professional or home working, there is a necessary the best tracksaw. Many types of track saw have found on the market place.

DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit Review

There are found some track saw those are really excellent as well the best. Same as the DEWALT DWS520SK is one of the best tracksaw. Indeed, the DEWALT has spread their good name for a long day their great tool.

All types of power tool offer to this brand even those are high-quality. Its cutting system is just mind-blowing, amazing motor and so on capacity, the user will get. Anyway, here is added more details of this product on the DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit review after many research.

Whom is the DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit Review Designed for?

But do you know who is using? If no, then know from below.

  • Used by DIY projects
  • That’s for homeowners
  • Even great for shop owners
  • Carpenters use this track saw
  • Professional woodworker use this saw

DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit Review

Cutting System

Some important issue in the power tool those are really important to be good otherwise the user can’t complete their expected work.

If anybody would like to use this for their workshop, this DEWALT track saw is a great tool. Because its cutting capacity is mind-blowing, its blade and others function are compatible with better cutting. Not only that if the user wants to straight cutting perfectly, they can do it.

Let’s know what our capacity in this!

This is actually zero clearance track saw that’s why the customer can precisely with straight and splinter-free cutting. The tracksaw has dual-edged so that it is possible for straight cutting in both directions perfectly. The most important matter is, its cutting depth is 2 to 1/8 inch which is in 54 millimeters at 90 degrees as well it has 1 to 5/8 inch which is in 41 millimeters at 45 degrees.

Weight & Convenient

A tracksaw use for wood sheet cutting smoothly then nobody can do move it perfectly. They can’t complete any work that’s why that is very necessary to be perfect weight but is this made in suitable weight? Of course, the weight capacity is 20 pounds, this is the best for all time moving. Besides, this is well-convenient because its every function is made very easy after many thinking.

Indeed, this DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit is a user-friendly power tool there is no bad side for which the user needs to search for another one. To get the best option of the tracksaw, I have researched for a long day with deep concentration.

Weight and convenient both are in the user range then don’t think so much.

DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit Review

Riving Knife

With safely and perfect cutting, the workshop project should be otherwise your work can be rejected. An amazing riving knife contains this power tool.

This is also known as a safety device which is included on the tracksaw and even that is adjusted on another power tool. Not only safety this is also to keep away from becoming material pinching. The knife and continuous anti-kickback mechanism both help to prevent kickback when engaging. Besides the low profile blade, guard lets saw for use in confined spaces.

For pinching, any work won’t be satisfactory which is bad for a professional shop. This DEWALT saw makes sure for you to do better work. For these, the riving knife is carried this excellent power tool kit.

Enough Power

While the carpenter works to use the tracksaw, that becomes disturbance without providing enough power then they can use this? Absolutely not that’s why to choose the best item which is great for the customer. During research, I have got the idea about the power of this DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit With 59-Inch Track, 6-1/2-Inch. Its power source comes from electric corded that supplies perfectly.

On the other hand, it has an awesome motor which is at 1300 watt. Even that provides excellent cutting through hardwoods. But yes, a powerful motor is very effective to included with the power tool. I assure that when the professional carpenter works with wood by using, they won’t feel any more disturbance because the DEWALT is great track saw as well as this is a worthy power tool.


Safety is the most important thing for all types of material using purpose. Especially that’s perfect for power tool because there can be included different types of dangerous thing.

Now you come through a confusion which is this DEWALT 6-1/2 in. a track saw kit safety or not? Don’t be confused because this is a well-made power tool so that the customer can use for their big project without any danger. By helping to cut depth scale perfectly which shows exact depth cutting for track thickness.

Then there is no any danger issue additionally motor and power both consists so many safety things. That’s why you shouldn’t be frustrating on this saw. If you would like to work in plywood, there is possible to straightly cut.

DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit Pros & Cons

What we liked:
  • Easy to adjustment
  • Perfect power to cut
  • That’s very easy to use
  • Solid design for well-performance
  • This is an excellent tool to accurate cut
What we didn't like:
  • Not enough long tracks
  • Little problem to plunge

Some Question & Answer About DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit

DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit FAQ's

How is the depth cutting capacity of this tool?

The cutting capacity is 2 to 1/8 at a perfect angle.

Does the blade comes with this tracksaw during purchasing?

Sure, the blade has included in the power tool.

Can its guide rail be able to give right direction?

Yes, of a curse that’s great for which the user can cut nicely.

Has the box included while getting the tracksaw kit?

A nice box has included while getting this tool.

Is the comfortable to hold or great to hold it?

An great handle has added which is comfortable to hold.

Final Verdict

What are you thinking? Don’t think so much where is made for you the DEWALT DWS520SK Tracksaw Kit review. So much knowledge for you has been included with lots of effort so that every user doesn’t return without anything.

When the user needs for woodworking or construction materials, the motor supplies enough power for cutting. On the other hand, straight plunge mechanism is for clean cutting straightly. Even controlling issue is amazing which is nice for moving in a forward direction on the track. This tracksaw is mixed with accurate, good-quality of a table saw, panel saw capacity as well circular saw portability.

By providing awesome cutting performance, the DEWALT tracksaw kit brings a successful work. If you want to purchase this best tracksaw, I highly recommended this.

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