Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller Review

The power tool is offered different types of the tool which is necessary for daily life. So the rear tine tiller is one of them that is the most effective for ground cultivating purpose. Without it, if anybody wants to plant any plant, that work won’t be possible.

There are many types of tine tiller product on the market, the user should choose one item from them. That is also necessary for the large area to do tilling of the ground.

Anyway, the Earthquake 24598 has such a product which has some special quality. For that this brand is more popular among most of the people. The 24598 of this brand is well-designed with excellent parts step by step and even materials are also strong.

Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller Review

That ensure for the user to stay long-lasting for many days using. If the user wants to use for heavy duty work, this tiller will be the best for them.

This is the best tiller for easy assembly by following the instruction which is made clear. That is also supportive of daily working without any trouble as well great for smooth performance to suitable for cultivation.

The Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller review will give you accommodating knowledge so as to increase encourage for a user.

Whom is the Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller Designed for?

But do you know who is using this tiller? If no, then know from below.

  • Gardener also uses this
  • Homeowner uses this tiller
  • Suitable for working of farmer
  • People who are worked in professional
  • Nurseries are used this for flower or garden cultivating

Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller Review

High Performance

How will the machine after purchasing? That is a common question for most of the people even that is really important to know. Of course, that has to do break up hard soil to make fertile land so that any people can cultivate their crops.

Don’t worry! When the Earthquake 24598 tiller is here, you don’t need to worry. This Earthquake victory rear tine tiller is so fast and helpful for the cultivating any types of items.

The tools drive wheels are dragging the unit forward when the tine shaft is steadily excavating on the ground. That’s enough powerful tiller which is suitable for class-leading performance to strong engine options.

This great option will help with your working very easily which also aids to suitable for plant your plant.

Easy to Use

Some equipment is based on the user to using purpose that means how to understand to proper use. Yes, that’s also varied on the customer even some time that’s not right if that tool isn’t good functionally.

Is this tiller suitable to easily using?

Don’t be over-pressured because this tiller is an amazing tool. This best rear tine tiller is well-designed with awesome functionally so that the user can understand to easily use.

The customer can complete their work with excellent controlling. For this working, controlling is the most effective thing. But yes, the newbie also can use it very easily by the following instruction as well as controlling.

Through sod, the single-handed controlling of this best tine tiller will be well-supportive according to my thinking.

Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller Review


Its handle type is the loop which is possible to hold by one hand. Without any problem, the user can drive it smoothly. When the user drives it, they will feel comfortable because this isn’t painful.

I have researched on this tiller that’s why I have a survey on this matter. Then most of the people who used this Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller, with Reverse & 4-Cycle 212cc Viper Engine, 5 Year Warranty, they said to me that they are happy to use it.

Its handlebar is amazing along with other parts of this power tool. The handle is the most effective thing for a user. Smooth driving is based on handle along with you.

Even I have got evidence after research to talking to them. If any user decides to get, this will be the best option for choosing for their working purpose.


People who are a farmer when they are needed this tool most of the day for their working purpose. Then is that not suitable to long-lasting?

That’s really frustrating after purchasing by spending money but is this fragile tool? Nothing! This Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller is awesome as well as its every part are constructed with hard materials so that the customer can use it for a long day.

Sometimes durability is too dependent on you because if you don’t know perfect use, that won’t be durable for a long day.

Besides, maintenance is very necessary for the user and assure that if you take care of it perfectly, that will stay for a long day without any troubling. This is the best equipment for heavy duty working even suitable to cultivate.

Great Wheels

The wheel isn’t less important alongside handle. If the wheel doesn’t run perfectly, that will be a really big hindrance for the working. How is that wheel? Its wheels are extremely useful parts of this tool that is the largest in class so that that can be able to help to the tilled soil for its greater traction and flotation.

Even its flywheel is constructed with cast aluminum. On the other hand, the wheel is in 13-inch diameter and width of the wheel is 5 inch.

That is made with metal hum and rubber tire materials, those are really suitable for running. Anyway, this Earthquake compact rear tine tiller is well-balanced for stable as well as easy moving in the row. Its size is great for cultivating over the ground.

Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller Pros & Cons

What we liked:
  • That works great
  • Well balanced tool
  • Enough power tiller
  • That’s smooth running
  • Very easy to assembly
What we didn't like:
  • Bit low the drive
  • Should be tilling depth but that works great

Some Question & Answer About Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller

Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller FAQ's

Is this tiller for forwarding or backward rotation?

This tiller is backward rotation and additionally pulling forward front tires move.

How is the tilling depth of this tiller?

The tilling depth is 16 inch which is perfect for working.

Has any instruction book for assembly and using?

Yes, there is a clear instruction book for the user.

Does its wheel move smoothly during working?

Yes, of course, the wheel moves nicely for working.

Is this tool made with functionally and easy to use?

This is very easy to use for its excellent well-functioned.

Final Verdict

I believe that you have learned some special knowledge from the Earthquake 24598 Victory Compact Rear Tine Tiller review which needs. If anybody wants to use, that’s extremely perfect decision for them.

By affordable spending price, this best rear tine tiller won’t create frustrating for any user. Its great feature is so useful for cultivating of gardening purpose.

Why useful feature? You have already known above information where is included. Its comfort handle, a durable tool of cast iron and bronze gear drive transmission, compact which is in full-sized power at a compact frame.

The most effective thing is, this Earthquake rear tine tiller is very easy to operate. You must choose this item not delaying.

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