Useful Steps on How to Use Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is one of my favorite tools because of the scope of work it can handle. Maybe you don’t know how to use impact wrench. Then know from this guide!

By definition, a wrench is a tool you would use to provide grip, and mechanical advantage when you are applying torque to turn objects which in most cases are rotary fasteners. An impact wrench, therefore, is a socket wrench tool engineered to deliver max torque output with minimal exertion by the person using the power tool.

How to use impact wrench

It stores energy in a rotator mass and then gives it suddenly to the output shaft.

It goes by many other names including an air gun, impact or, impact gun, torque gun, windy gun and rattle gun. Like other power tools, an impact wrench is extremely powerful. Therefore, you need to know how to use them correctly and safely.

Here are included some practical tips on how to use impact wrench.

Step 1: Buy the Right Impact Wrench

You can only use what you have. Well, you can borrow or hire an impact wrench to use.

The problem is the most people may not trust you with a tool as costly as an impact wrench before you demonstrate proficiency in using it. A good idea is to buy your own tool, which you can use without any stress. However, you must ensure you buy the right one.

Step 2: Prepare Your Working Area

An impact wrench has many applications. You can use them in the garage, at a construction site or just anywhere wrenching is needed.

If you are going to utilize an air impact wrench, then you need to remove the area where the air compressor is going to be accessible. This will also allow the air hose to deliver air without interruption.

Step 3: Assemble the Impact Wrench If Necessary

Unless you are using battery-powered or corded-electric varieties, you will always have to assemble an air impact wrench before you start your work.

For this tool to work, you have to attach it to a long rubber hose, in turn, which is connected to an air compressor. Do the assembly by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the user manual.

This is the third step to remove your curiosity (how to use impact wrench).

Step 4: Double-Check Your Connections

Assembly is one thing. It is common for users to think they have finished the assembly but realize later that there is a problem either the hose or the hose attachment points.

After assembly, double check your connections to ensure the hose is connected perfectly and that it is straight as well as free of bends and kinks. These may interfere with air pressure.

Step 5: Test Your Machine

Once you are sure you have done the assembly correctly, it is time to check you the impact wrench.

You have to ensure the unit is exerting the right level of pressure. Set the PSI (pounds per square inch) at between 90 and 100. You also need to test the direction to which the wrench is set by touching the trigger lightly and seeing which way it turns.

In case it is the wrong direction, use a latch or a knob on the side of the wrench to reverse the socket direction.

If you want to loosen a nut or a bolt then set it to counterclockwise direction but if you want to tighten then turn it to the clockwise direction.

Step 6: Assign the Correct Speed

The next thing is to assign the right speed to your impact wrench using the switch or dial.

The speed is given in RPM (revolutions per minute). A higher RPM translates to lower torque and vice versa. Use the information provided by the manufacturer to allow you set the right speed for whatever job you want to do.

Step 7: Attach the Correct Size Socket

After you have set the correct speed then you need to attach a device you intend to use.

As an impact wrench user, some of the most important things you must have in your collection include sockets of different sizes.

This will allow you to pick the right device for the job at hand quickly. Fix it to the bit on the front of your wrench and confusion how to use impact wrench.

Step 8: Pull the Trigger

Once you are sure the socket has attached firmly to the bit, pull the trigger of the wrench.

The amount of force which you apply on the trigger determines the torque until the tool reaches the maximum speed or RPM you assigned in step 6 above.

The process of tightening or loosening a nut takes a very short time.

Step 9: Observe Safety

Be careful not to apply excessive torque as this could strip or damage threads.

High-quality impact wrenches are designed to keep intended load and leverage in safe balance. Do not be tempted to use sockets designed for handheld wrenches on a power tool.

Also, avoid using an impact wrench where a conventional wrench would do.

Step 10: Disassemble and Store the Machine

Follow the necessary steps to do all the intended work then remove the tool before storing it.

Use the information provided by the manufacturer to detach the hose from the impact wrench and the air compressor. Ensure you store the machine in the right place to prevent hazards and damages that may result from exposure to elements.

FAQ's How To Use Impact Wrench

1. Are there electric impact wrenches?

While the most common types of impact wrench are those powered by air compressors, certain brands use electricity from either the wall socket or a battery. Some brands of electric impact wrenches deliver great torque.

2. Do impact wrenches use one-size sockets?

No, all impact wrenches allow you to attach the right size socket for the job at hand. You should have the right devices for all jobs.

3. What is the correct speed for impact wrench?

Speed in RPM goes hand in hand with torque. Higher wrench speeds will translate to lower torque. You can set higher speeds for is the joint is soft and comfortable and vice versa.

4. Are impact wrenches dangerous to use?

No, this power tool is one of the safest in my collection of power tools. Anyway, you still need to be careful while using it.

5. Are impact wrenches difficult to use?

No, you just have to be keen in following instructions, and you will find using this power simple and straightforward.

Last Word

Impact wrenches are some of the most powerful power tools. They help simplify and quicken jobs that require fastening or loosening bolts and nuts.

If you follow the steps discussed above on how to use an impact wrench, the chances are that you will be a pro before you know it. Always watch for your safety when using power tools.

I believe that how to use impact wrench, this confusion is removed from here.

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