Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Review

One day I went to visit my friend house, I stayed for a few times. Then I saw to use then there is arisen a curiosity about how good is this tool and how excellent to use this? He said to me, this power tool is great for different types of materials cutting.

Before that, I have worked on different types of power tool along with another item. Even I love to search for the different thing that’s why I have researched about that tool.

That tool was the Milwaukee 2720-20 which looks at a very nice and impressive tool, then I started to research about this.

I have got many types of different things after researching. Its great runtime and longer tool both are very worthy of using. Then I have decided to write on the Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating review for the user help.

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Review

I assure that this review can be able to aid when you need to work. The user can do work perfectly that’s why the LED light is even included in this best reciprocating saw.

This brand lets you use for a long day if you would like to do a big project, that is possible. This is constructed with many types of parts and in perfect weight capacity. Anyway, details information will get you from below.

Whom is the Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Designed for?

But do you know who is using? If no, then know from below.

  • Hobbyist use this
  • That’s great for carpenters
  • Homeowner and DIY project
  • Plumbers use this reciprocating saw
  • Suitable for mechanical contractors/HVAC

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Review


Nowadays good-quality isn’t found in the marketplace from many tools. That’s why most of the user need to check many reviews so that they can get perfect tool very easily knowing necessary knowledge.

Then this reciprocating saw review has brought for the user which is in good-quality constructed. Every part is built with hard materials not only that those are high-quality.

From the bottom to the top this Milwaukee power tools are in grade quality. Besides, an amazing blade is included that helps to perfect blade position for a sharper section as well as different. The Milwaukee brand has some new technology which is ready to better work. If any user would like to well durable tool, this will be a nice tool for them.

Cutting Capacity

The reciprocating saw’s the most effective thing is cutting capacity. That has to be in good cutting performance. If that isn’t after purchasing, that’s the frustrating issue for a user.

Besides, it has a keyless blade clamp for which the user can change very easily without any tool. Another one is the blade clamp QUIK-LOK Universal. When the customer is necessary for a tree down using a pruning blade of any diameter, this will do the best work. In a word, this is very easy to use during working. If you are a homeowner or beginner, this tool is well-convenient for them.

By saving time, this Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating will give for the user great gift. They won’t be needed to look back this is a great power tool.

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Review


People who are a professional user, the tool should be great for easy using as well well-convenient. But including this tool perfect for well using? Of course, this is the best reciprocating saw which is got after many research.

There is no added any difficult function for which the customer will be disappointed after purchasing. This power tool is extremely great worthy for working.

Even this is supportive when the user is working for metal cutting. This reciprocating saw offers faster than corded cutting speed as well as durability of a corded saw. The LED light has included in this Milwaukee reciprocating which has a hanging hook for storage convenient for working. This saw is in 18 voltage capacity and that is nice for the job.

Brushless Motor

Another important thing is the POWERSTATE brushless motor which offers constant power and how it works?

This is for faster cutting and even that reduces heat for extended life. This motor is long-lasting and there is a need for less maintenance. There is included enough power so that the user can complete work very quickly.

When I have visited my friend then I have also asked about a motor. He said to me, this Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating is a compatible tool for supplying great power.

If you would like to use this for heavy work, this is convenient. No need to search for another tool for the heavy or big project! Because I have brought a suitable tool which has always ready for providing well service to the user.


When you are using the tool for working purpose, there can be happened a big danger if that tool isn’t in good-quality or good fitted. But this reciprocating won’t let that danger, this is well-constructed with functionally.

In a word, this Milwaukee toolset is the best reciprocating of the best power tool. But yes, some important things are really necessary for every user.  Before starting working, the customer is needed to work area clean. They even don’t need to use if that tool isn’t perfectly fitted. If you don’t know to handle it perfectly, you should check some instruction get a ride from the injury.

I ensure that if any user does these things, they won’t be fallen in any danger.

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Pros & Cons

What we liked:
  • More powerful tool
  • Possible to metal cutting
  • Charged quickly of battery
  • Inside and outside great tool
  • Enough power and high-quality tool
What we didn't like:
  • Comes little noise from inside
  • Plastic parts seem to see cheap

Some Question & Answer About Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating

Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating FAQ's

Does the blade come with this reciprocating saw during purchasing?

Yes, of course, the blade comes with this tool.

Has the battery and charger included of this tool?

No the battery and charger need to purchasing separately.

Harmful its noise from another or children?

Harmful noise doesn’t create actually comes from little noise.

Has the tool carried brushless motor?

This saw contains an excellent brushless motor that is helpful.

How is the voltage capacity of this reciprocating saw?

The voltage capacity is 18v which is great for working.

Final Verdict

The Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating review will be so supportive if you read full. Because this power tool isn’t in a bad quality product, always ready to provide well work for the user.

This reciprocating can be able to cut faster which delivers up to 2x more run time and 5x longer tool life than competitive saws. Moreover, the Sawzall REDLINK PLUS intelligence makes sure optimizing performance as well as a safeguard from overheating, overloading and over-discharging. The lithium-ion SAWZALL 18 volt is in the adjustable shoe for great working.

Anyway, all these sides are for the user well working and I assure that the user doesn’t deceive if this Milwaukee power tool set purchase.

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