Type Of Impact Wrenches And Their Uses

I never knew the many different type of impact wrenches available in the market before I set off to buy one.

When I got to our local store selling the various power tools, it surprised me to learn of that these tools are extremely specialized. In other words, there were different types of impact wrenches for different applications.

Type of impact wrenchMany people I have interacted with only mention two types of impact wrenches but there are more.

You need more information to understand these vital tools entirely. Here, we will learn more about the available types of the impact wrench and their uses.

Type Of Impact Wrenches – Based On Power Source

Based on the power supply, there are several types of impact wrenches. These include air impact wrench, electric impact wrench, and hydraulic impact wrench.

Here is a brief discussion of each of these type of impact wrench and their site of application:

1. Air Impact Wrenches

These wrenches are powered by compressed air providing a low-cost design with possibly the best power-to-weight ratio.

Users commonly use their air-powered wrenches with a short-length hose instead of fitting it directly into the tool. High-quality air wrenches feature a flow regulator into their design as part of the reversing valve or as a separate control to limit torque in either direction.

Site of Use of Air Impact Wrenches

Air impact wrenches are the most common in the market. People love them because of high-quality power and performance.

They are also lightweight and easy to use as they cause less fatigue. For these reasons and more, it is the most common type of wrench you will find in most homes, garages, automotive shops, and some construction sites.

Type of impact wrench2. Corded-Electric Impact Wrenches

Corded-electric is another kind of impact wrenches that can do the job of loosening or tightening some of the toughest bolts and nuts. This type of impact wrenches can deliver similar torque to the air impact wrenches.

The only problem is that you have to plug them into an electrical power source, which may limit your movement when using it.

Site of use of Corded-Electric Impact Wrenches

As mentioned previously, corded-electric models can do the same job air impact wrenches do as long as electricity is accessible where you are going to work with it.

This may limit the scope of use, and therefore most owners love to use them in their garages, homes and individual automotive shops.

3. Cordless-Electric Impact Wrenches

The cordless-electric impact wrenches are quickly gaining popularity because of the convenience which is another type of impact wrench.

They are compact, lightweight and powerful thanks to technological advancements.

Homeowners now prefer them to corded-electric and air impact varieties because they do not require cables or separate air compressor to work, but they can still deliver enough torque to tackle light to moderate applications.

Site of Use of Cordless-Electric Impact Wrenches

I believe handymen, homeowners, drivers, owners of automotive and auto mechanic shops will find this tool extremely useful. Today, some models feature highly efficient batteries that can deliver enough IPM, RPM, and torque to help with even some of the toughest jobs.

It is common to find this compact tool in the toolbox or trunk of many cars.

4. Hydraulic Impact Wrenches

A hydraulic impact wrench is one of the type of impact wrench that you may need to know about.

This kind of wrench uses water under pressure to deliver the torque that the machine uses to tighten or lose screws and nuts.

These tools are incredibly powerful, sometimes even stronger than air impact wrenches. However, they are less common compared to the other types discussed here.

Site of Use of Hydraulic Impact Wrenches

It is uncommon to find a hydraulic impact wrench in any home, auto mechanic shop or garage.

The reason is that these tools are a reserve for extreme applications such as in manufacturing industries, building, and construction as well as other huge installations.

Examples of hydraulic impact wrenches are Stanley and GREENLEE FAIRMONT hydraulic impact wrench.

5. Manual Impact Wrench

A very less common type of impact wrench is the manual impact wrench. As the name sounds, you can operate it by hand. It features a head technology capable of converting spring power in incredible sharp tensional blows.

Every impact blow is delivered directly to the fitted impact socket. The blow is several times the force that you applied to the handle.

This way, it delivers enough torque to lose frozen bolts and nuts in record time without the need for electricity, batteries, hydraulics or air compressors.

Site of Use of Manual Impact Wrench

The manual impact wrench may not meet the standards of air impact wrench or electric wrenches but boasts of portability, safety, affordability, and durability.

It can fit into a toolbox. Traveler, campers and those in the forces prefer this wrench because they cannot access the other sources of power or they want something that is subtle.

FAQ's About Type of Impact Wrench

1. What is the best type of impact wrench for me?

You need to define your needs to find the most suitable impact wrench for you. Once you have information, the choice is yours.

2. Which type of impact wrench is suitable for a home garage?

If you own a home garage the best type of impact wrench is that which can perform light applications, possibly the electricity powered models.

3. How do the different types of impact wrench compare in price?

The most expensive impact wrench is the cordless-electric perhaps because of the technology that has gone into their production, their convenience and high performance. The cheapest is the manually operated types.

4. Can manual impact wrench loosen rusted and frozen bolts and nuts?

In some cases yes, it can. This is particularly the case if the nut is small to medium size and not so rusted or frozen as some may call it.

5. What is pneumatic impact wrench?

A pneumatic impact wrench is just another name of air impact wrench. The term pneumatic defines the source of power it uses which is compressed air.

Last Word

I believe that is all there is to know about the type of impact wrenches.

These tools are necessities for almost all everyone who deals with bolts, nuts, and screws. However, it is vital that you find the type that will satisfy your needs.

If you want a model for commercial or professional purposes, then you know what to choose, and if you are searching for one for personal use, again you now know the type to go for.

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