What Degree Framing Nailer Is Best

Carpentry has come a long way. I remember back in that day when I used to see my grandfather hitting a 5-inch long nail that is over 2.5mm thick into a large piece of wood. He was sweating which gave me an idea of how the hard the job was.

With the invention of pneumatic framing nailers, I am now able to do the same or even more difficult task with least effort, time and difficulty.

I order to serve me well; I needed to understand all the features of framing nailers. There is one of the most confusing things about these versatile nail guns is the differences in degree at which they operate.

What degree framing nailer is bestThe question, therefore, is what degree framing nailer is the best? How do pneumatic framing nails operate?

To understand more about framing nail degree differences, you first need to appreciate how these machines work. Once you can attach an air hose from your nailer’s air fitting to your air compressor, a charge of pressurized air enters a dedicated chamber at the top of your tool.

When you pull the nail gun’s trigger, the charge will force down the pressurized air to force down a piston.

The piston then connects a pushrod, which then pushes the nail out into your wood. Most pneumatic framing nailers feature depth setting and bump feature to allow for faster nailing.

About Framing Nailer Degrees

Framing nailer degree has all to do with the type and size of a nail a framing nailer is designed to use. What degree framing nailer is best? Would you like to know? Then get to know!

In this regard, you will notice nail guns rated 21-degree, 28-degree, 30 and 34-degree. To put it another way, the degree of a framing nailer determines the kind of collation the nails it uses must have to operate. Below are descriptions of the different degrees.

What Degree Framing Nailer Is Best?

21-Degree Framing Nailers

All 21-degree nail guns tend to compare in quality and performance. The angle of the nailer’s magazine is designed in level with the angle of the clip of nails.

The 21-degree framing nailers are engineered to use full-head nails held in a row.

Alternatively, they can use a clip of nails loosely held together with a plastic strip that snaps lose to release a single nail when you fire the gun. Examples of 21-degree framing nailer brands include Porter Cable and Duo Fast among others.

What degree framing nailer is best30-and 34-Degree framing nailers

This variety of nailers is high performers. Many people prefer them because they are compact, lightweight and easy to use. This is another answer of what degree framing nailer is best question.

Like the 21-degree guns, the 30 and 34-degree models use full head nails (some may use clip head nails). The difference is that the following use clip of nails held together by a paper strip. These nails tend to fit tighter than the plastic collated one.

28-Degree Framing Nailers

The 28-degree framing nailers are unique because they are designed to use a strip of nails held together albeit loosely with a thin wire.

This design means that the nails are farther apart; therefore, the magazine has to be longer to hold two clips. The benefit of a 28-degree nailer is that the greater degree allows you to work in tight spaces. A good example is the BOSTITCH brand.

Do The Degree Differences Matter?

I have heard the question so many times but the answers always given are not satisfactory. According to my experience, the degree of framing nailer to buy depends on your personal choice.

While it is true that 21-degree and 28-degree nail guns can help with working in tight areas, even some 30-degree framing nailers can be used comfortably in such areas.

Another important consideration is availability. There seems to be some geographical influence on the availability of different framing nailer degrees.

You may have to go with what is available at your local hardware stores. If you are ordering online, then you can choose the degree that suits your needs.

FAQ's About What Degree Framing Nailer is Best

1. What does degree mean in framing nailers?

The degree of a pneumatic framing nailer defines the type of magazine it is supposed to use. This means the magazines of these nail guns are not universal.

2. Where can I use 21-Degree framing nailer?

You can use a 21-degree framing nailer anywhere, but its greater angle will allow you to use it in tighter spaces with ease.

3. Can the degree influence framing nailer performance?

No, I do not believe the degree of framing nailer has anything to do with its quality and performance. It merely determines the suitability of the tool for use in certain areas.

4. Can 30-degree framing nailer use clip head nails?

My experience is that 30 and 34-degree framing nailers can use both clip head nails and full-head nails. The brand or model decides the type of nails your nailer should use.

5. How can I know the degree of my framing nailer?

This information is readily available on the packaging of a new framing nailer. If you are not sure, then you can ask before you purchase.

Last Word

As you can see, the degree differences among framing nailers should be your personal preference.

Personally, I have always used 30-degree framing nailer that uses nail clips held together with paper strips because they are lightweight. Have you got of this what degree framing nailer is best question? If yes, that news will be good for me.

All framing nailer brands and models will shoot nail sizes ranging from 2-3/4 to 3-1/4. So, you do not need to worry about your gun not being able to shoot any nail size.

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