What Framing Nailer Should I Buy?

My family loves carpentry, a skill we all learned from our father. He told us how back in the day they had no option but to use hammers to drive nails even into the thickest materials. Due to their skill and experience, they did a great job albeit slowly.

As technology advanced, he learned of new ways to make the process of nailing easier, faster and more accurate.

What Framing Nailer Should I BuyOne of the ways was to use an appropriate framing nailer. I had heard about this great tool and seen it on the internet, certain hardware stores, and people’s homes. So, when he told to look for one for the family, my first question was what framing nailer should I buy?

Now I have an answer to this issue. I will share with you the most important factors to consider when looking for the best framing nailer to buy.

What Framing Nailer Should I Buy?

You can choose from two types of framing nailers – coil nailers and stick nailers. Both types use the same mechanism to operate.

The difference is in the capacity of their magazines and therefore the loading mechanism. Coil nailers can store more nails that stick nailers. The choice of which type to buy is yours to make.

Nail Type Compatibility

Several types of nails can be used for framing, but not all framing nailers are designed to use all those types. This is an answer of the question of what framing nailer should I buy.

There is one the most important factors to consider when buying a framing nailer is compatibility with nail types. Certain models are designed to use only one type of nails while others can feature adjustments that can allow it to use various types of nails.

Source of Power

Based on the power source, you have the opportunity to choose among three types of framing nailers – pneumatic nailers, corded-electric and cordless/battery-powered framing nailers.

The pneumatic types are the most common. They use compressed air to drive the nailer. The corded-electric types and cordless types use electricity as the fuel to power their hammering action.
Pneumatic types are an idea if you are a frequent user or if you have a lot of nailing to do. The corded and cordless types are suitable for occasional use.


A framing nailer that is lightweight is definitely easy to handle and simple to use.

It will help you to work longer and faster without developing fatigue. A light nail gun will also allow you to work on hard-to- reach areas such ceilings and high walls.

You will find it easier to transport a lightweight framing nailer to the job site than you would for large models.


Comfort of what framing nailer should I buy is another important factor which is also answer that goes hand in hand with weight.

A good model should feature a comfortable handle to boost your efficiency. This will also reduce your fatigue when you have to work on large areas.

A comfortable nailer will also optimize your safety by providing you with better grip, which allows for easy maneuvering while you work.

What Framing Nailer Should I BuyDesign

A high-quality framing nailer should feature a compact design to make it easy to use and maneuver in tight spaces and to boost accuracy.

A compact design also means your tool will require limited space for storage making your storage compartment more organized. Such design also increases the aesthetics of the framing nailer as a power tool.


Your number one concern when looking for the best framing nailer to buy should be your safety.

The right model should have optimal safety features to protect you, the user, from accidental injuries. A framing nailer must have as part of its protective design guides to shield you from any flying objects.

The Brand

Since the invention of framing nailers, many companies have sprung up to manufacture these handy tools.

The brand you choose to buy is up to you, but you have to ensure it is reputable and sensitive to customer needs. While certain entry-level brands may do a good job, always go for experienced companies because their brands have been tested and tried over the years but they still soldier on.

Additional Features

To enhance your experience and boost your productivity, a high-quality framing nailer should have a variety of unique features. Some great features include depth of adjustment, quick jam clearance and swiveling air connectors (for pneumatic types). Take your time and study the framing nail of interest before you commit to buy it.


In an era where money is the scarcest commodity, all your decisions must be pegged on your budget.

This means you must shop with care to save whatever little you can. High-quality framing nailers are quite costly but you can take advantage of discounts and other special offers.

Compare prices while considering quality and performance. Go for a framing nailer that will give you good value for your money.

FAQ's About What Framing Nailer Should I Buy

1. How to buy framing nailer

You can purchase a framing nailer from your local hardware or departmental store. A better alternative would be to buy it from an online shop like Amazon and eBay.

2. Which type of framing nailer is good for me?

The choice of framing nailer type to buy depends on your needs. If you are a frequent user with a large volume of work, then the pneumatic model would be the best. Infrequent users may appreciate cordless electric models.

3. Are nails types for framing nailers universal

Well, certain framing nailer models accept only one type of nails. Others may take a variety of nail types and sizes. However, the nails are universal.

4. What is the best air compressor to use?

The best air compressor to use must have CFM rating of 2 or more and a high maximum PSI. Only such air compressors can deliver enough air pressure to drive a framing nailer.

5. How much does framing nailer cost?

The price of this tool depends on many factors including the brand, model, type and unique features among other factors. This makes prices to vary widely from tens of dollars to several hundred.

Last Word

There you go. If you use the information that I have provided you with here, it is unlikely that you will go wrong when it comes to the framing nailer to buy. Why you purchase? I assure that you have cleared from this question of what framing nailer should I buy.

These power tools are expensive gadget and so you must take extreme care while making your choices. Consult extensively if you have to as long as you can find the best framing nailer that will suit your needs.

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